b'Casa Luker 1906 Single Origin ChocolateSingle origin chocolate is chocolate made from beans from one region, sometimes even one farm. Chocolate has varied tastes and such tastes depend upon factors such as: the bean type, soil type, climate and geographical location. Single origin chocolates have the ability to showcase each of these characteristics to their full potential.Santander Dark 65%An exclusive chocolate as defined by the Colombian Fino De Aroma characteristics. Superb aromatic intensity, well balanced, predominantly cocoa with coffee and fruit notes. The mild level of acidity is a perfect accompaniment to the chocolate flavour.Santander Dark Chocolate (65%) (2.5kg) MSK-7664 29.99San Martin (Peru) Dark 72%A chocolate made by Casa Luker with the Peruvian Fino de Aroma cocoa. It has an impressive cocoa flavour that reflects a perfect balance of bitter notes and subtle sweet tones. Its fruity notes, subtle acidity and citric flavours attribute an unmistakable personality that melts easily in the mouth leaving an exquisite creamy mild sensation. A delight for the senses.San Martin Dark Chocolate (72%) (2.5kg) MSK-7101 29t.99Huila Dark 70%The Huila variety is a typical cocoa from the deep valleys of the southwest of Colombia. This is an exotic type of chocolate, with a mild aroma and fruity flavour. It has the strength of an extra-dark chocolate, and the mildness of a semi-sweet cocoa, resulting in a sensorial balance that evokes the essence of this warm region.Huila Dark Chocolate (70%) (2.5kg) MSK-3600 29.99Tumaco Extra Dark 85%A chocolate typical of the trinatario bean. Exquisite character with a defined aroma, typical of Colombian cocoa. Strong cocoa flavour throughout building to a deep fruit finish. Notes of vanilla and pepper combine with a bitter tone and a subtle sweetness give the ultimate expression in dark chocolate.Tumaco Extra Dark Chocolate (85%) (2.5kg) MSK-7662 29.99Call us on: 01246 412211 99'