b'Natural Flavour DropsThe highest performance flavours1-2ml will flavour 1 litre of liquidPerfect for boosting an existing flavour or for adding an extra dimension to a dish whilst preserving the texture.Natural flavourings which dont compromise on quality or flavour.As the UKs leading supplier of flavours for chefs, we pride ourselves on having the highest quality premium flavours. We carefully source and select our flavours from specialist manufacturers all over the world, seeking out the best examples of each flavour.We are confident that our flavours are the best available and are happy to provide samples on request so you can test for yourself. Remember, Flavour Drops are always available as a 4 for 3 multibuy!Natural Water-Soluble Flavour DropsWater-soluble Flavour Drops are perfect for any application which contains some water, for example ganaches, sauces, drinks, etc.Alphonso Mango, 30ml MSK-8002 17.99 Gingerbread, 30ml MSK-1421 19.99 Marshmallow, 30ml MSK-7839 17.99Apple Pie, 30ml MSK-1625 19.99 Gooseberry, 30ml MSK-1436 17.99 Mint, 30ml MSK-1210 17.99Apricot, 30ml MSK-0271 17.99 Granny Smith Apple, 30ml MSK-7942 17.99 Mixed Berry, 30ml MSK-7980 17.99Banana, 30ml MSK-7824 17.99 Hazelnut (Nut-Free), 30ml MSK-1476 17.99 Mulled Wine, 30ml MSK-7788 17.99Basil, 30ml MSK-0595 17.99 Hazelnut Frangelica, 30ml MSK-3310 19.99 Passion Fruit, 30ml MSK-7830 17.99Black Truffle, 30ml MSK-7816 17.99 Hibiscus, 30ml MSK-1424 17.99 Peach, 30ml MSK-1478 17.99Blackberry, 30ml MSK-7828 17.99 Honey, 30ml MSK-1471 17.99 Pear (Fresh), 30ml MSK-7833 17.99Blood Orange, 30ml MSK-7986 17.99 Irish Stout, 30ml MSK-1627 17.99 Pear Williams, 30ml MSK-1660 19.99Blood Orange, 30ml MSK-7995 17.99 Jasmine, 30ml MSK-7819 17.99 Pecan, 30ml MSK-3318 19.99Blueberry, 30ml MSK-0221 19.99 Juniper Berry, 30ml MSK-3311 19.99 Pia Colada, 30ml MSK-3319 19.99Bramley Apple, 30ml MSK-7835 17.99 Kaffir Lime, 30ml MSK-0256 17.99 Pineapple, 30ml MSK-1473 17.99Caramel, 30ml MSK-1479 17.99 Kalamata Olive, 30ml MSK-1658 19.99 Pistachio, 30ml MSK-7831 17.99Cardamom, 30ml MSK-1413 17.99 Kiwi, 30ml MSK-1440 17.99 Pumpkin Pie, 30ml MSK-3320 19.99Carrot, Natural MSK-8004 17.99 Lavender, 30ml MSK-0238 17.99 Rhubarb Fresh, 30ml MSK-1474 17.99Cepe, 30ml MSK-1428 17.99 Lemon, 30ml MSK-0269 17.99 Rosemary, 30ml MSK-3739 17.99Chai Tea, 30ml MSK-7825 17.99 Liquorice, 30ml MSK-3714 17.99 Smokey Bacon, 30ml MSK-7822 17.99Cherry, 30ml MSK-7842 17.99 Lychee, 30ml MSK-1472 17.99 Sparkling Wine, 30ml MSK-1434 17.99Cherry Blossom, 30ml MSK-1638 19.99 Mango, 30ml MSK-7823 17.99 Strawberry, 30ml MSK-1489 17.99Coconut, 30ml MSK-1655 19.99 Maple, 30ml MSK-7838 17.99 Vanilla, 30ml MSK-7941 17.99Cola, 30ml MSK-7832 17.99 Maraschino Cherry, 30ml MSK-3715 17.99 Walnut, 30ml MSK-1414 17.99Cooked Custard, 30ml MSK-7826 17.99Cranberry, 30ml MSK-0222 19.99Cream Soda, 30ml MSK-1519 17.99Cucumber, 30ml MSK-3731 17.99 We can also source or customise Cumin, 30ml MSK-1417 17.99 virtually any other flavour on request, Dandelion & Burdock, 30ml MSK-7837 17.99English Rose, 30ml MSK-7843 17.99 and are happy to quote for volume or bulk, Fig, 30ml MSK-1437 17.99 packed to your requirements.Garden Mint, 30ml MSK-7818 17.99Geranium, 30ml MSK-1419 17.99 MOQs and lead times will apply.Gin, 30ml MSK-1420 17.99Ginger, 30ml MSK-0223 17.9938 MULTI-BUY OFFERS available on many flavours'