b'Kitchen Tools & AccessoriesSqueezee Bottles MSK-1286Squeezee Bottles 30ml (12pk) MSK-2647 9.99Squeezee Bottles 150ml (10pk) MSK-7799 19.99 MSK-1401 MSK-7800Squeezee Bottles 300ml (10pk) MSK-7800 24.99Squeezee Bottles 150ml (12pk) MSK-1711 16.99 MSK-7799Squeezee Bottles 240ml (6pk) MSK-1401 14.99Squeezee Bottles 360ml (6pk) MSK-1286 16.99 MSK-1711MSK-2647Exo Glass CuttersExo Glass Cutters, Fluted (Set of 7) (1pk) MSK-1271 49.99Exo Glass Cutters, Round (Set of 7) (1pk) MSK-1272 39.99Exo Glass Cutters, Round MSK-1272Exo Glass Cutters, FlutedMSK-0480 / MSK-0481MSK-1271MSK-0877Silica GelSilica crystals are a desiccant. This simply means they can adsorbNeedles & Syringesand hold water. Our silica crystals are food safe and self indicating.Add flavours, sauces and syrups to previously inaccessible places This means that the orange crystals turn white when they haveor use our syringes for creating individual caviar pearls.absorbed water. They can be dried in the oven and used again. Great for maintaining the quality of finished goods. Syringes with Needles (Mixed Sizes) (10pk) MSK-0480 8.99Silica Gel Orange (500g) MSK-0482 26.99 Syringes with Needles (Mixed Sizes) (25pk) MSK-0481 19.99Silica Gel Orange (1kg) MSK-0483 49.99 Syringes 50ml, Catheter-tipped (10pk) MSK-0877 14.99MicroplaneMicroplane (Fine) (1 unit) MSK-1274 29.99Microplane (Coarse) (1 unit) MSK-1281 29.99 Mandolin Benriner 3 BladeMicroplane (Extra Coarse) (1 unit) MSK-1282 29.99 Mandolin Benriner 3 Blade (1 unit) MSK-2620 39.99168 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'