b'Spherification: creating gel spheres from a single liquidFor spherification, your liquid ingredient is mixed with 1% sodium alginate and dropped into a 1-2% calcium chloride bath to create gel spheres with a single texture through to the middle.The calcium in the bath reacts with the alginate throughout your liquid to form the gel.The longer you leave the sphere in the bath, the firmer the gel will become. Sodium AlginateSodium Alginate is an extract of seaweed which reacts with calcium to form gels. It can be used to create soft or firm heat-resistant gels and is therefore perfect for spherification and reverse spherification. It can also be used as a thickening agent.There are different grades of alginate available, and MSKs alginate is by far the best for the professional kitchen, offering superior performance and reduced preparation time.Add 1% of Sodium Alginate to the liquid by weight.Sodium Alginate (200g) MSK-1183 19.99Sodium Alginate - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3857 74.99Calcium ChlorideAn extract of natural salt brine, which reacts with the Sodium Alginate to form the sphere. Add 1 - 2% relative to weight of the liquid. Ideal for use in spherification due to the high calcium content (36.1%)Calcium Chloride (200g) MSK-0493 19.99Calcium Chloride - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3858 29.99Caviar BoxCreate large quantities of liquid caviar drops, effortlessly and with great precision. Caviar Box (1 unit) MSK-3029 95.89See page 129 for our full range of spherification tools.74 SAMPLES AVAILABLE on request'