b'Mini GlasswareResilient and practical, our retro miniature glassware is made from borosilicate glass and is ideal for presentations of flowers, juices and broth infusions.Mini Jam JarMini Jam Jar, Gold Lid, 4.5x4cm, 30ml (105pk) MSK-6776 31.99Mini Jam Jar, Black Lid, 4.5x4cm, 30ml (105pk) MSK-6777 31.99Mini Cola BottleMini Cola Bottle 3.5x11cm, 50ml (36pk) MSK-3180 42.59Mini Hermetic ContainerMini Hermetic Container, 4.5x6cm, 50ml (72pk) MSK-3175 84.99Mini Hermetic Container, 4.5x8.5cm, 60ml (72pk) MSK-3176 89.99Mini BottlesMini Milk Bottle, 3x9cm, 40ml (36pk) MSK-4440 42.59Mini Soda Bottle, 5x11cm, 60ml (72pk) MSK-4441 102.29Mini Anisette Bottle, 3x12cm, 50ml (36pk) MSK-4649 42.59Mini Vermouth, 3.5x11cm, 70ml (24pk) MSK-6778 25.59 Glass StrawsStraight Thick Glass Straws,1x20cm (24pk) MSK-4409 16.09Curved Thick Glass Straws,1x20cm (24pk) MSK-4410 19.99Mini Cola Glass Straw, .6x17cm (36pk) MSK-4411 22.99Mini Pyrex Tea Pot Brush Cleaner for Glass StrawsMini Pyrex Tea Pot 8x7.5x13cm, 150ml (1 unit) MSK-3171 9.99 Brush Cleaner for Glass Straws (2pk) MSK-4542 6.99Call us on: 01246 412211 185'