b'MSK UltraGelYakatori Glazed Duck Confit An amazing vegan gelling agent withwith Cucumber Gel a soft texture and smooth mouthfeel& Wasabi PowderMSK UltraGel 2 and UltraGel 5MSK UltraGel is a pure, vegan, seaweed-based gelling agent specifically developed for a soft, elastic texture and smooth mouth-feel. The two different grades provide versatility for the creative chef where a substitute for gelatine is required. UltraGel 2 has a stronger action and is perfect for soft elastic gel structures such as jellies, whereas UltraGel 5 has a lighter action and is perfect for panna cottas, mousses and glazes.MSK UltraGel 2 (200g) MSK-2492 22.99MSK UltraGel 2 Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3870 99.99MSK UltraGel 5 (200g) MSK-2493 22.99MSK UltraGel 5 Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3871 99.99Strawberry and Champagne Jelly (below) Heat the water to 85C or above. 15g MSK UltraGel 2 Mix the MSK UltraGel 2 and the sugar together. Disperse the 100g Sugar powder mix in the hot water, stirring well for 1 minute, until the 300g Water powder is completely dissolved. 400g Strawberry Puree Add the strawberry puree and continue to boil for a further minute.150ml Champagne Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly, then add the champagne.Once cooled, pour the solution into moulds, then let it cool fully and stand undisturbed for at least 10 to 12 hours in the fridge.66 TRAINING AVAILABLE: see page 4'