b'Single Origin Chocolate Everything you need to enter the world of molecular gastronomyCasa LukerCasa Luker chocolate is made from Fino de Aroma beans and reflects the quality of the bean and the unmistakable flavour of the land in which it is grown. These top quality beans are full of the flavour of exotic fruits and flowers, grown by experienced farmers and transformed using methods developed over 100 years by Casa Luker. The Luker WaySocial ResponsibilityCasa Luker is committed to creating a long-term sustainable business. They have established programs which guarantee favourable conditions for their employees, their commercial and agricultural partners, their suppliers and for society as a whole.EducationCasa Luker provides farmers with free tools, education and support to enable them to produce the finest quality fino de aroma cocoa beans.More than 30,000 farmers have been trained at the Granja Luker Institute over the past 50 years.Fair Purchasing Conditions Fino de Aroma: the best chocolate in the Working directly with local farmers, Casa Luker maintainworld.purchasing contracts in order to guarantee the sale of theirThe FINO DE AROMA denomination is an International Cocoa harvest. Organisation (ICCO) classification, which describes an especially exquisite aroma and flavour. Between 6 and 7% of the worlds Social Commitment cocoa is cacao Fino De Aroma, which is predominantly grown in The Luker Foundation is a private non-profit organisationequatorial countries, such as Colombia, Ecuador & Peru.created to contribute to the quality of life of the people ofThe distinctive characteristics of this internationally recognised Manizales, fostering social development through education andcocoa make it most desired by chocolate artisans and chefs.entrepreneurship.98 SAMPLES AVAILABLE on request'