b'Crystallised FlowersCrystallised FlowersThese delicate crystallised flowers are made by sugar-coating real flowers, petals and/or seeds. Their full and vibrant colours make an ideal accompaniment and decoration for desserts. Store in air-tight containers, never in the refrigerator.Mint Fragments (100g) Mint Leaves (100g) Lilac Pink Whole (100g) Lilac Mauve Whole (100g)MSK-1069 12.99 MSK-1063 12.99 MSK-1061 12.99 MSK-1060 12.99Rose Petals Small (100g) Rose Fragments (100g) Rose Whole (100g) Verbena Leaves (100g)MSK-1067 12.99 MSK-1070 12.99 MSK-1059 12.99 MSK-1064 12.99Violet Fragments (100g) Violet Petals (100g) Violets Whole (100g) Violet Berries (100g)MSK-1068 12.99 MSK-1065 12.99 MSK-1057 12.99 MSK-1058 12.99Mimosa Balls (100g) Lavender Balls (100g) Holly Berry Pearls (100g) Orange Pearls (100g)MSK-1062 12.99 MSK-1075 12.99 MSK-1076 12.99 MSK-1083 12.99Call us on: 01246 412211 21'