b'Methocel Hot GelsMake soft, elastic, hot gels which melt on cooling or in the mouthMethocelMethylcellulose is a gelling agent derived from bark which has theApplications Foam formation & stabilisation. Film very unique property of creating the only true hot jellies, whichformation. Hot gels which melt upon melt as they cool. cooling and in the mouth.Methocel can be used as a thickener in sauces and dressings,Rate of Hydration Methocel dissolves in cold water and also as a thickener and stabiliser in ice cream where it helps(initially disperse in water above 70C.)prevent ice crystals from forming during freezing. Gel Strength VariedSuggestions: Colour White powderCreate hot ice creams Solubility ColdWatch noodles appear as methocel solutions are piped into hotPh Solubility 3-11liquids.Dosage Rates 0.5% - 2.0%Add to mashed potato to form chips which are crunchy on theTemperature Range Hot Gels - it has a unique ability to form outside and light and fluffy on the inside. hot gels when heated above 45C.Add to mayonnaise and deep fry Meltback point of around 15 C.Film Forming Capable of producing a solid, flexible Methocel (200g) MSK-1693 19.99 and transparent film for use as Methocel - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3855 69.99 wrappers for petit fours or to add an extra dimension to dishesHot Pea Mousse1.75g MSK Methocel50g Milk200g Pea PureePlace the methocel into a bowl and bring thePour the boiling milk over the methocel and milk to the boil stir with a spatula until all the methocel is incorporatedPlace the mixture over an ice bath to cool andGradually add the pea puree and season the allow the methocel to activate. The mixture willmixturebegin to thicken.Shape or mould the puree as desired To set the mousse the mixture will need to be taken above 80C this can be done in the oven, in a steamer or the mixture can be poached. Serve immediately.76 TRAINING AVAILABLE: see page 4'