b'GlasswareGlass HornsCompact horn cups with stems, beautifully balanced and stable, made from tough borosilicate glass. Suitable for cocktails or a small beer and perfect topping off with one of our cocktail foams.The shape is designed for good storage and cleaning in the dishwasher.Cornucopia Cup, 8x21cm, 350ml MSK-1454 43.49Viking Cup, 7x20x19cm, 350ml MSK-1455 45.99CornucopiaViking Cup CupCreative ShotsTest tube glasses for sipping. Multiple possibilities: hot or cold, contrasting flavours, cocktailsTest Shot Columbia Cactus GlassDouble Test Shot Triple Test Shot Blackberry Stem GlassTest Shot, 11x150mm, 30ml (4pk) MSK-3087 44.99 Blackberry Stem Glass XL, 2.5x20cm, 90ml (2pk) MSK-1456 45.99Double Test Shot, 11x150mm, 30ml (2pk) MSK-4406 47.89 Blackberry Stem Glass XS, 2.5x15cm, 50ml (2pk) MSK-1457 43.49Columbia, 28x19cm, 80ml (2pk) MSK-4869 56.19 Cactus Glass L, 3x20cm, 100ml (2pk) MSK-1458 44.69Triple Test Shot, 2x190cm, 3x53ml (1 unit) MSK-4870 38.29 Cactus Glass S, 2.2x16cm, 50ml(2pk) MSK-1459 30.69Call us on: 01246 412211 175'