b'MSK FlavouringsOur exciting and diverse flavour options help you optimise flavour whatever the application38 Natural Flavour Drops 46 ExtractsAn expertly sourced and selected range of premiumIntense extract in a handy liquid formnatural flavourings, perfect for boosting an existing flavour or for adding an extra dimension to a dish whilst46 Smoke Flavourspreserving the texture. Available as water or oil soluble. Lovely smoke tones in extract, oil and powder form to 41 Natural Essential Oils add smoke flavours to your dishesPurified natural oils, simply add a few drops of oil to46 Floral Waterstaste in chocolate, desserts, ganaches, marinades andSubtle floral tones perfect for mouth-watering sauces, etc desserts and confections42 Flavour Bursts Tonka BeansWater and Oil Soluble, a fully-rounded, highly versatile47flavour option Grate and infuse for a rich and warm flavour; a fantastic marriage with caramel and chocolate 43 Edible Food Perfumes Intense Flavour PowdersStunning aromas in spray atomiser form 47Powdered natural ingredients with an intense flavour44 Flavouring Compounds Flavour EnhancerA range of exceptionally high quality flavouring pastes47that have superb texture and colour.Perfect for ice creams and general patisserie 189 Flavour IndexOur flavour index is a quick way fo seeing what flavouring options are available for each flavourEmail us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 37'