b'AcidsNaturally enhance the flavours of a dishPrevent discolouration or oxidisationAscorbic Acid (Vitamin C Powder) Citric AcidPrevent oxidisation (browning). Add to provide a tart or sour flavour.Ascorbic Acid (500g) MSK-3866 13.99 Citric Acid (500g) MSK-3863 13.99Tartartic AcidAdd to pte de fruit or jams to activate the pectin.Malic AcidTartaric Acid (500g) MSK-3865 12.99A natural substance found in fruits and vegetables and often associated with apples, offering a mellow, smooth and persistent sourness.Enhances the flavour profile of fruit-based desserts and can help stabilze pH to control gel texture.It has a high solubility rate and lower hygroscopicity than Citric or Tartaric acids. It also has a lower melting point than other acids, which makes it easier to incorporate into molten confections.Malic Acid (500g) MSK-3864 12.99Buffer Salt (Sodium Citrate)Sodium citrate is a salt extracted from citric acid. It is an alkaline powder which can be added to a recipe as a buffer salt in order to negate high acidity levels, which would otherwise prevent gels from forming and adversely affect flavour.Sodium citrate may also be added to cheese dishes in order to prevent the cheese from splitting or curdling.Buffer Salt (100g) MSK-0845 9.99Call us for advice on: 01246 412211 79'