b'Stainless Steel Chef Serving Long Tongs (300mm) MSK-4763 12.99Chef Serving Long Tongs (250mm) MSK-4764 9.99Chef Serving Long Tongs (200mm) MSK-4765 9.99Sushi Tongs Stand MSK-3222 13.89 Chef Serving Long Tongs (160mm) MSK-3217 9.99Serving Spatula Kit MSK-3224 34.99 Sushi & Sashimi Tongs (200mm) MSK-3221 9.99Sushi & Sashimi Mini Tongs (140mm) (2pk) MSK-3220 15.99Sushi Tongs Titanium (200mm) MSK-4767 14.99Sushi Tongs Gold (200mm) MSK-5034 19.99Mini Flexible Serving Spatula MSK-3229 9.99 Round Serving Ring With Pusher 40 mmMSK-3240 9.99 Fishbone Tweezers (2pk) MSK-4768 11.99diameter / 80mm highSquare Serving Ring with Pusher 40 x 40mm /MSK-3239 9.9980mm HighMini BallerOval BallerDouble Baller MSK-4785 MSK-4785 MSK-47855 Miniball Baller Box MSK-4785Miniball Baller8mm MSK-4795 10.89Miniball Baller12mm MSK-4796 10.89Miniball Baller15mm MSK-4797 10.89Oval Quenelle Baller 5 x12mm MSK-4798 10.89Oval Quenelle Baller 8 x18mm MSK-4799 10.89 Perfect Quenelle S MSK-5028 19.99Double Microquenelle Baller MSK-4800 10.89 Perfect Quenelle M MSK-5029 21.995 Miniball and Microquenelle Baller Box MSK-4801 51.29 Perfect Quenelle L MSK-5030 21.99Call us on: 01246 412211 165'