b'Silicone Tart MouldsSingle Serving Tart Moulds, 400x300mmA line of single serving tart portions by Pavoni Italia, designed in collboration with leading European Pastry Chefs and inspired by exotic floral shapes and nature.An exceptional starting point for creations that cannot fail to impress.The full range is available on request.Delish, PX4356S, 3x5 MSK-8074 27.90 Pastel, PX4353S, 2x7 MSK-8075 27.90Cubo, PX007, 4x7 MSK-8086 54.40 Eclisse, PX029, 4x6 MSK-8087 54.40Apple, PX4330S, 4x5 Tangerine, PX4332S, 4x5MSK-8079 32.50 MSK-8081 32.50150 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'