b'GlasswareAn exclusive, beautiful and functional range of glasswareOvni Platefrom 100% Chef.Perfect for combining dry ice with spices or smoked dishes.Made from borosilicate glass - resistant to extremes ofCan be used with the Mini Teapot.temperature and therefore suitable for use with dry ice, nitrogen, blowtorch and fire. Ovni Plate 23cm (1 unit) MSK-3085 57.49Ovni Plate 28cm (1 unit) MSK-3086 70.29Ovni Tapa Dish,14cm (top plate) x7cmMSK-4424 49.99(lower bowl) (2pk)Ovni Plate Ovni Tapa DishVulcano Beautifully designed plate for flambee work. Can be used in Paella Pan conjunction with the glass paella pan (ref MSK-4423) for tableside service.Vulcano - Small23cm (1 unit) MSK-4421 59.99Vulcano - Large28cm (1 unit) MSK-4422 70.29Paella Pan20cm (1 unit) MSK-4423 42.19VulcanoForest Mist Boxes Wooden boxes with an internal white methacrylate bucket specially designed to present dishes with dry ice fog. The space between the glass tray and the box lets the fog escape from the sides, creating a forest mist effect.Corfu Box MSK-1742 Skiathos Box (25x18x7cm) (1 unit) MSK-4974 53.69Corfu Box (21x13x7cm) (1 unit) MSK-1742 44.69Vulcano172 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'