b'TakeawayNewspaper Wrap Burger BoxesMini cardboard boxes with greaseproof interior, ideal for catering.Printed paper similar to newspaper made with vegetable inks and with a paraffined finish. It resists fat and oil. Use it to wrapBurger Boxes (white) 9x8x5cm (100pk) MSK-4584 24.99sandwiches, burgers, baked potatoes, make paper sheets orBurger Boxes (black) 9x8x5cm (100pk) MSK-4585 24.99cones, and combine it with our fryer baskets.Fries Box (black) 11x7x5cm (100pk) MSK-7256 15.79Newspaper "New Fork Times" 30 x 29cm (500pk) MSK-4583 34.99Newspaper "Food Times" 30 x 29cm (500pk) MSK-6761 34.99The newspaper wrap is also available as cones and chip bags:Noodle BoxCardboard box with greaseproof interior. Larger size comes with metal handle.Newspaper Wrap Cone (small 15x19.5cm), 200pk MSK-1730 12.19Newspaper Wrap Cone (med 21x28cm), 200pk MSK-1731 15.79Newspaper Wrap Cone (large, 25x34cm), 200pk MSK-1732 19.49Newspaper Wrap Chip Bag, 14x13cm, 100pk MSK-1733 9.99Wood ConeFor a more refined snack presentationWood Cone 9.5x6.5x13cm (100pk) Noodle Box 5x5x5cm (100pk) MSK-4586 24.99MSK-4760 16.59 Noodle Box Large 8x6x7cm (white) (100pk) MSK-4588 29.99Call us on: 01246 412211 197'