b'Free FromSolutions for plant-based diets and allergen-free cookingthat dont compromise on taste or textureDietary requirements have become a major challenge for restaurants in recent years. The increase in popularity of plant-based diets is something all chefs need to learn to accommodate, and food allergens are now at the forefront for any chef when planning a menu.We have developed a range of recipes and ingredients that allow the chef to omit some or all of the allergens and animal products in recipes without the need to compromise on flavour, taste or texture.Our development chefs are always on hand to offer technical advice and to talk through recipes, so please get in touch if you need help. We have also integrated all of our free-from techniques into our MSK Training and Development Days.50 MSK Strukture 55 Mousses, Jellies & Panna CottasMSK Strukture binds together different vegetableUsing MSK UltraGel for gelatine-free mousses, jellies textures so that they retain their shape and textureand panna cottas, and egg-free creme brulees.during cooking and eating, This lets you create vegetable burgers, sausages, kebabs etc with a57 Vegan Waffles / Pancakessatisfying and juicy bite. A versatile Egg & Dairy free mix which can be used for 51 Freshly-Pressed Tofu waffles, pancakes and even Yorkshire Puddings.Free from the compromises forced on commercial57 Chocolate Ice Creamproducts to ensure a long shelf-life, fresh Tofu is aA smooth, vegan chocolate ice cream recipe for use useful ingredient which will happily carry a range ofwith a Pacojet.flavours and seasonings to deliver a creative and delicious plant-based dish. 57 Allergen-Free Chocolate Couverture52 Egg-Free Cakes, Scones & Pastry Simply the best-tasting allergen-free milk chocolate A selection of recipes demonstrating how differentcouverture weve ever tasted.ingredients can be combined to achieve excellent egg-free patisserie.Allergen-free SoufflCall us on: 01246 412211 49'