b'Gastro & Deli Service TraysA flexible and customisable food presentation system which can be used in all types of service.The Gastro & Deli Range of service trays are designed to display and serve dishes in all kind of events, banquets & buffets and fit standard gastronorm trays and trolleys.The system consists of the full gastronorm-sized Gastro Tray base and the smaller Deli Tray base, along with a range of separate supports which fix onto them and can hold everything from thin skewers to cups or cones. Choose a single Gastro Support or up to 9 Deli Supports per Gastro Tray or a single Deli Support per Deli Tray. Gastro Tray Base with Gastro Support for Glasses/Eggs6mm53cm 32.5cmGastro Tray BaseThe base of the Gastro Tray system. The Gastro Tray is easilyDeli Tray Baseand efficiently transported and can be served from standard Gastronorm-sized trolleys.The base of the Deli Tray system. Any one of our 11 different Deli Add one of our Gastro-Supports (far right) or 9 individual DeliSupports can be connected on top to present everything from Supports (on page 222). pipettes to test tubes and egg shells.8mm32cm 11cmGastro Tray Gourmet (Transparent) (1 unit) MSK-4606 33.19Gastro Tray Gourmet (White) (1 unit) MSK-7257 42.99 Deli Tray (Transparent) (6pk) MSK-4621 66.39Gastro Tray Gourmet (Black) (1 unit) MSK-7258 42.99 Deli Tray (White) (6pk) MSK-4633 99.49Gastro Tray Gourmet (Silver) (1 unit) MSK-7259 45.59 Deli Tray (Black) (6pk) MSK-4634 99.49Deli Tray (Silver) (6pk) MSK-4635 107.79Customize Your Gastro TrayGastro Tray Base with Both the Gastro and Deli Base Trays can be fully customizeda selection of Deli Supportswith printed full colour vinyl stickers of your own artwork, logo or branding. Please give us a ring to discuss your requirements.200 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com'