b'Tart BandsSmooth BandsThe smooth stainless steel bands are designed to create layers and inserts that fit perfectly within the perforated bands for elegant single-serving tartsRound, 60x20mm, X0602 Square, 55x55x20mm, X37Ellipse, 90x45x20mm, X17 Oval, 85x45x20mm, X18MSK-8052 6.76 MSK-8053 6.76 MSK-8054 6.76 MSK-8055 6.76Rectangle, 80x40x20mm, X19 Finger, 115x20x20mm, X21 Triangle, 75x65x20mm, X22 Heart, 65x60x20mm, X20MSK-8056 6.76 MSK-8057 6.76 MSK-8058 6.76 MSK-8059 6.76Call us on: 01246 412211 147'