b'TakeawayCocktail BagsBag for cocktails, snacks, chocolates, etc. BIO transparent Polypropylene bags with fold and plain square bottom. Suitable for any food connected use. Fully waterproof and resistant to any manipulation and liquids, including alcaline and acid liquids.Also very resistant to heat and cold from 100C to -40CCocktail Bag Mini, 6x5x17cm - 100pk MSK-4969 12.79Cocktail Bag Mini, 6x5x17cm - 1000pk MSK-1735 114.99Cocktail Bag, 8x5x24cm - 100pk MSK-4892 15.29Cocktail Bag, 8x5x24cm - 1000pk MSK-4893 132.29LipsticksThese reusable lipstick moulds and cases will bring humour to anyLipstick Mould (makes 7) (1 unit) MSK-3124 15.29dining table.Transparent Lipstick Cases, 2x7cm (100pk) MSK-3119 44.99The mould creates the perfect lipstick shapes from fruit pure, jelly or chocolate and is freezer and dishwasher safe up to 70C.Black Lipstick Cases, 2x7cm (100pk) MSK-6753 47.19Makes 7 lipsticks at a time. Gold Lipstick Cases, 2x7cm (100pk) MSK-6754 54.29Serve the lipsticks in one of 4 lipstick cases and present at theSilver Lipstick Cases, 2x7cm (100pk) MSK-6755 54.29table using the display stand. Lipstick Display (30 holes) (10pk) MSK-3122 34.99Call us on: 01246 412211 199'