b'The Aladn 007The hard-wearing Aladn Smoking Gun tailored for bartenders and mixologistsAladn 007 Cocktail SmokerThe Aladn 007 is the professional smoker preferred by bartenders and mixologists around the world and is especially recommended for use in cocktails and bar service. The all-metal cocktail smoker has a chamber that allows smoldering of damp sawdust without charring or giving off a bad odour from the smoke. A wide base ensures stability of the gun, making it easy to work with at busy times. Use with MSK essential oils for an added flavour dimension to your cocktails!Box contains: Aladin Smoking Gun 007, connection tube, Aladin Disc, screens and recipes.Aladn 007 Cocktail Smoker - Red (1 unit) MSK-3001 194.79Aladn 007 Cocktail Smoker - Black (1 unit)MSK-4977 194.79Aladn DiscConnect your Aladn smoker to the Aladn Disk and place over the desired container, such as a glass cocktail shaker or yoghurt pot etc, and fill with smoke. The silicone valve allows the smoke to enter but not escape, ensuring a smoke free kitchen or bar. Disc - 12cm diameter.Aladn Disc (1 unit) MSK-3011 12.79Aladn PartsBoth of the Aladn guns feature parts which are extremely easy to replace should you need to.Aladn Electric Motor only (1 unit) MSK-3013 9.99Heavy Wheel Kit (motor & propeller) (1 unit) MSK-4517 29.99Aladn Electric Component Replacement Kit MSK-3012 14.99(Battery Box, Switch for Base, and Cable)Super Aladin Rotor Base Unit (1 unit) MSK-4516 83.09Heavy Wheel KitElectrical Base Unit (motor and propeller) Components88 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'