b'Kashmir Gold Spices MSK-0011It takes more than 225,000 hand picked threads to produce one pound of saffron.Mancha Saffron (5g) Kashmir Gold Saffron (5g) Dukkah (200g)MSK-0587 19.49 MSK-0011 36.99 MSK-1019 12.99La Mancha is a region in Spain withKashmir gold is the finest quality saffron inA Middle Eastern spice blend made from Denomination of Origin protection for itsthe world, known for its beautiful rich goldthyme leaves, coriander seeds, cumin beautiful golden saffron, which must onlycolour, full flavour and exotic aroma seeds and black peppercorns.be sold from the current years harvest.Baharat Spice Mix (200g) Ras-El-Hanout (200g) Smoked Paprika (1kg)MSK-1018 12.99 MSK-0866 14.99 MSK-1101 19.99An Arabian spice blend made from wholeMeaning Top Shelf, this MoroccanUsed as a seasoning and a garnish for a black peppercorns, coriander, cinnamon,seasoning blends allspice berries, greenwide range of savoury dishes, paprika is a cloves, cumin, cardamom, nutmeg andcardamom pods, cassia bark, cayennepowder made by grinding aromatic sweet paprika. chillies, ground cinnamon, cloves,red pepper pods.coriander seed, ginger root, nigella seeds, nutmeg, galangal, black peppercorns, dried rose petals and mace blades.Sumac (200g) Spice of Angels (28g) Sabzi Gormeh Spice Mix (200g)MSK-0865 12.99 MSK-0048 21.99 MSK-1022 12.99An essential ingredient in Middle EasternA pollen from fennel which grows wild onA Middle Eastern spice made from cuisine. Rather tart and astringent in taste,the sunny coastal fields of California. Thecoriander leaves, lime powder, parsley, often used to replace lemon juice in certainspice has a distinctive honey flavour thatchives, mint leaves and fenugreek leaves.recipes. hints of anise, coriander and dill.26 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'