b'Molecular Gastronomy Starter KitEverything you need to enter the world of molecular gastronomyBeetroot Fluid GelOur molecular gastronomy starter kit contains everything you need to start using the tools, techniques and ingredients of the modern kitchen.Designed to complement our popular training days, this new updated kit includes a wider range of ingredients and samples, including the new MSK UltraGels and our market-leading MSK Ultratex, along with a full set of recipes and tools.The kit can now also be upgraded to include either the Foam Kit or Caviar Box from 100% Chef, making the perfect gift.The Starter Kit contains the following products:50g MSK UltraTex 50g Xanthan Gum With our molecular starter pack you can transform and enhance 50g MSK UltraGel 2 50g MSK Hyfoamer your dishes:50g MSK UltraGel 5 5ml Mint Flavour Drop Caviar pearls and large liquid centered bubbles (using spherification and reverse-spherification methods)50g Sugar Ester 5ml Juniper Flavour Drop Cold and hot jellies50g Iota Carageenan 5ml Marshmallow FlavourRapid setting and heat-resistant jellies50g Sodium Alginate Drop Hot and cold foams that will last for hours without losing body 50g Maltodextrin 3x5g Gold/Silver/Rubyor texture50g Calcium Chloride Metallic Powders Eye-catching suspension fluids for pre-desserts, cocktails, etc.2 Lotus Spoons50g Malic Acid 4 Dosing Spoons50g Calcium Gluconate Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit MSK-2546 69.992 Syringes Starter Kit including Foam Kit MSK-1751 94.9950gIce Cream Stabiliser 1 Mini Precision Scales50g Gellan Gum F A full set of recipes Starter Kit including Caviar Box MSK-1752 129.99Starter Kit with Foam Kit & Caviar Box MSK-1762 154.9960 TRAINING AVAILABLE: see page 4'