b'Deli SupportsDeli Support for Lipsticks (1 unit) MSK-4628 24.89Deli Support for Glasses or Eggs (1 unit) MSK-4629 24.89Deli Support for Kalippos (1 unit) MSK-4630 24.89Deli Support for Cones (1 unit) MSK-4631 24.89Deli Support for Dry IceThis special Deli Support is a box with holes in the lid, designed to allow dry ice fog to escape and flow over your Gastro Tray. Combine with the Deli Light for a dramatic presentation. Deli Support for Dry Ice (1 unit) MSK-7254 29.99Deli Support for Tuiles/Crisps (1 unit) MSK-4632 24.89Deli LightLight up your gastro tray for a more dramatic evening service using this clever support which fits onto either the Deli or Gastro Tray and can fit a standard Deli Support on top.Deli Light (1 unit) MSK-7253 87.09Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 203'