b"Wood ChipsOak Woodchips MSK-1709Wood ChipsAvailable in 6mm chips (1 gallon) for the Stovetop smoker and 3mm chips (250g) for the Aladin smoking guns.Always use damp wood chips to ensure they smoke rather than burn.Product Description MSK Code PriceFamous in the Pacific Northwest for smoking salmon, this mild wood creates a6mm, MSK-170435.99 Alder delicate smoky flavour with a hint of sweetness. Excellent with all fish, seafood,3mm, MSK-7766 9.99pork, poultry, light-meat game birds and vegetables.Apple This flavour is more complex and dense than alder, yet it is still quite mild, sweet6mm, MSK-1705 35.99and fruity. Excellent for game birds, fish, beef, poultry and pork (especially ham).Creates a smoke that is rich, smooth, slightly sweet and fruity. Fantastic with game6mm, MSK-170635.99 Cherry hens, duck breast, and is ideal for smoking vegetables as well as all meats. Try3mm, MSK-1719 9.99blending with oak for smoking turkey.Hickory A fantastically robust BBQ type flavour. Works really well with ribs, pork and brisket.6mm, MSK-1707 35.99Produces a strong bacon-like flavour.Widely used in commercial smoking and blended with cherry for smoking turkey.6mm, MSK-170935.99 Oak This popular wood is the most commonly used for smoking in the UK. It produces a3mm, MSK-1720 9.99heavy smoke flavour that is great for all red meat, heavy game and pork.Beech This mild wood is the chef's smoke of choice when looking to create a delicate6mm, MSK-337035.99 smoke flavour. Excellent with all seafood and vegetables. 3mm, MSK-1721 9.99Chestnut Both sweet and intense, chestnut is a stronger alternative to fruitwoods and works6mm, MSK-449735.99 well with meats, game and of course turkey. 3mm, MSK-1722 9.99Whisky Create a deep, sweet aroma.Great with fish, pork and poultry. 6mm, MSK-4498 35.99Whisky Oak The wonderful combination of robust oak wood smoke flavour plus a kick of whisky. 6mm, MSK-449835.99 3mm, MSK-1723 9.99Manuka Manuka Wood Chips give a rich, mellow smoke flavour, perfect for chicken and fish 3mm, MSK-1724 9.99Bourbon A gentle bourbon flavour, great with ribs or brisket of red meat. 3mm, MSK-7770 9.99Smoke PowderA highly aromatic dry smoke powder flavouring that is ideal for use in seasoning, for marinades and other applications. The unique flavour of the smoke powder allows for a refined smoke character to be experienced throughout the menu.Why not try smoked pork scratchings using MSK popping rind pieces seasoned with smoke powderSmoke Powder (500g) MSK-5032 14.9990 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com"