b'Heat-Resistant Firm GelsAgar AgarMake warm or cold gels which may be served on hot dishesAgar Agar solutions gel at temperatures from 35 to 43C and melt up to 85C. at temperatures from 85 to 95C. It is the only hydrocolloid that Strong rigid gel is ideal for binding terrines and its firm texturegives gels that can stand sterilization temperatures.makes slicing simple. Applications Bakery. Gelling Agent. SweetsBecause Agar Agar will hold at room temperature, it canActivation Requires heating to 100 Cbe added to water based icings to avoid the need for refrigeration. Gel Strength VariedUse a cream whipper gun to make light heat stable moussesColour Off White powderthat can be served on hot dishes. Solubility HotThermo-reversible gels.Ph Solubility 4.5 - 9.0Agar Agar is a versatile vegetarian gelling agent used in place ofDosage Rates 0.5% - 2.0%gelatine, which is completely soluble in boiling water. It providesTemperature Range Gel point 40 C. Melt back point is odourless, colourless superior quality gels even at very low85-95 Cconcentrations and is in fact the strongest natural gelling agent available.Agar Agar (200g) MSK-1178 21.99It can be melted and reset if desired.Agar Agar - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3850 54.99Kappa CarrageenanPanna cotta and vegetarian gels, an ideal alternative toApplications Firm ambient gels. Milk-based gels. gelatine. Emulsions. SuspensionsIdeal for room temperature gels and will provide maximumRate of Hydration Rapidflavour release. Gel Strength Firm, elastic gelsThe strong gel texture is perfect for encasing liquid centres -Colour Cream powdercall us for the recipe Solubility HotA dilution of Kappa can be added to yoghurt or cheese to prevent separation.Ph Solubility 4.5 - 10The term carrageenan originated from a coastal town in SouthernDosage Rates 0.2% - 2.0%Ireland, called Carragheen. In that town, many years ago, housewives simply boiled the seaweeds - Irish moss - to make jellies and puddings. Vegetable GelBleeding of liquid can be controlled with the addition of LocustA vegetarian setting agent for use in a wide variety of sweet and Bean Gum, see page 64.savoury recipesjellies, mousses, cheesecakes, terrines, flans and pies.Kappa Carrageenan (200g) MSK-1180 19.99Kappa Carrageenan - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3853 64.99 Vegetable Gel (500g) MSK-3452 14.99Call us for advice on: 01246 412211 71'