b'Tapioca CrackersTapioca CrackersColourful tapioca crackers which provide texture and flavour in the form of a beautiful garnish. Available in both sweet and savoury flavours, these crackers puff up when deep-fried for a few seconds.Chocolate Crackers - 48pkMSK-5125 24.99Sepia Cracker with Fish Rose Water Crackers - 48pk and UltraSec Soy Powder MSK-4840 19.99 GarnishWasabi Crackers - 48pk Sepia Crackers - 48pk Red Curry Crackers - 48pkMSK-4843 24.99 MSK-4839 19.99 MSK-4837 19.99Saffron Crackers - 48pk Truffle Crackers - 48pk Smoked Pepper Crackers - 48pkMSK-4838 24.99 MSK-4842 24.99 MSK-4841 19.99Call us on: 01246 412211 33'