b'Freeze Dried FruitsFreeze Dried Fruits100% fruit, frozen under vacuum to remove the moisture. The original shape, texture, colour and - most importantly - flavour is perfectly preserved throughout the process, as is the vitamin and nutritional content.Enrobe with chocolate to create wonderful petit foursRun through ice cream, parfaits and sorbetsInclude in all aspects of bakingThe powders are ground from the whole fruits and are perfect for dusting.Blackberry Powder (200g) Blackcurrant Powder (200g) Blueberry Powder (200g)MSK-0772 22.99 MSK-0773 22.99 MSK-0774 22.99Strawberry Powder (200g) Raspberry Powder (200g) Banana Pieces (200g)MSK-0778 22.99 MSK-0777 22.99 MSK-2518 22.99Blackberry Whole (200g) Blackcurrants Whole (200g) Blueberry Pieces (200g)MSK-0675 22.99 MSK-0684 22.99 MSK-2520 22.99Cranberry Sliced (200g) Raspberry Crumble (200g) Raspberry Whole (200g)MSK-0673 22.99 MSK-0672 22.99 MSK-0671 22.99Sour Cherry Whole (200g) Strawberry Diced (200g) Strawberry Sliced (200g)MSK-0676 22.99 MSK-0674 22.99 MSK-0686 22.99Call us on: 01246 412211 11'