b'Casa Luker ChocolateMacondo Dark (60%) A chocolate that seduces with its exotic flavour and soft acidic tones that complement the cocoas fruitiness. Delicate flavour with a fluid texture, a good balance between the typical bitterness of cocoa and sweet tones. A good all-rounder.Macondo Dark Chocolate (60%) (2.5kg) MSK-3596 22.99Caribe Milk 45%A milk chocolate with a stronger personality. The interesting mix highlights cocoa tones together with a creamy mild texture. The special milky-caramel flavour unfolds an unmistakable sweet flavour that gives this chocolate its exquisiteness.Caribe Milk Chocolate (45%) (2.5kg) MSK-7777 24.99Heliconia Milk 41%A milk chocolate with character, well-known for its strong cocoa flavour and the exotic sweetness associated with sugar cane and malt, which go very well with the milky tones typical of this chocolate. Heliconia provides a world of sensations. Heliconia Milk Chocolate (41%) (2.5kg) MSK-8016 29.99Nevado WhiteMade with fully un-deoderised cocoa butter, Nevada White delivers the full experience of chocolate flavour through a white chocolate medium. It brings the sweet vanilla notes of white chocolate together with the strong cocoa flavours more often associated with milk and dark chocolate.Nevado White Chocolate (2.5kg) MSK-3594 24.99Oat Milk 43% (Non-Dairy & Allergen Free)This allergen-free vegan couverture is made from a mix of Colombian Fino de Aroma beans with gluten-free oat powder and rice powder and is simply the best tasting allergen-free chocolate weve ever tasted. Characteristic of couverture chocolate with cereal-like notes, and free of foreign odours or flavours.Colombia 43% Oat Milk Chocolate (2.5kg) MSK-8138 29.99100 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'