b'Deli SupportsEach Deli Support has slots or holes for up to 9 items and can be mounted either onto a single Deli Base Tray or in rows on the larger Gastro Tray. All Deli Supports measure 27cm x 4cm. The height varies depending on what each support is designed to carry.4cm2cm27cmDeli Support for Thin Skewers,3mm (1 unit) MSK-4622 24.89Deli Support for 11mm Straight Pipettes (1 unit) MSK-4625 24.89Deli Support for Medium Skewers,MSK-4623 24.89 Deli Support for 10mm Conical Pipettes (1 unit) MSK-4626 24.89 4mm (1 unit)Deli Support for Spoons (2pk) MSK-1736 24.89 Deli Support for 16mm Tubes (1 unit) MSK-4627 24.89202 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'