b'Tart BandsMicro-perforated Single-Serving Tart BandsFor making the perfect shortcrust pastry.The micro-perforations of the bands ensure even baking, preventing the edges from collapsing, and optimal browning of the base.Round, 20x70mm, XF7020 Square, 20x65x65mm, XFO656520 Ellipse, 20x100x55mm, XF11 Oval, 20x96x57mm, XF12MSK-8044 7.68 MSK-8045 7.68 MSK-8046 7.68 MSK-8047 7.68Rectangle, 20x90x50mm, XF13 Finger, 20x125x30mm, XF15 Triangle, 20x85x75mm, XF16 Heart, 20x75x70mm, XF14MSK-8048 7.68 MSK-8049 7.68 MSK-8050 7.68 MSK-8051 7.68146 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'