b'Finishing TouchesCrackle Crystals (Popping Candy)Crackle crystals are carbonated sugar crystals which have been coated with cocoa butter. When the crackle crystals are eaten the mouth temperature melts the cocoa butter and the crystals pop and crackle.Honeycomb Pieces Crackle Crystals (200g) MSK-0365 9.99Fat-coated sugar honeycomb pieces for decorating your dessertsCrackle Crystals (1kg) MSK-7401 29.99and sweet dishesChocolate Crackle Crystals (200g) MSK-1506 9.99Honeycomb Pieces, Fat Coated (400g) MSK-0307 19.99 Chocolate Crackle Crystals (1kg) MSK-7405 29.99Chocolate Stones & SoilSugar coated chocolate ganache. A quirky decoration.Chocolate Stones (1kg) MSK-2843 14.99Chocolate Soil (1kg) MSK-2842 14.99Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 17'