b'Test Tubes & Aluminium TubesTest TubesIdeal for small drinking cocktails or for serving creative drinks or accompaniment soups. Suitable for use with dry ice.Open Top, 16mm (round bottom), 20ml (100pk) MSK-4574 32.19Corks for 16mm Open top test tubes (200pk) MSK-3146 37.09Screw Top 16mm (round bottom), 20ml (100pk) MSK-4575 73.39Screw Top 16mm (flat bottom), 20ml (100pk) MSK-4576 73.39With Handle 18mm (round bottom), 30ml (24pk) MSK-3129 76.69With Handle 16mm (round bottom), 20ml (24pk) MSK-3130 82.79Cleaning Brush for Test Tubes (2pk) MSK-4582 14.99Display & Presentation Stands Aluminium TubesWe have a wide range of plexiglass 2, 4, and 12 hole displayMini disposable tubes, suitable for filling with sauces, coulis or stands for 16mm and/or 18mm test tubes, and aluminium displayeven flavoured mayonnaise. The tubes can be sealed and opened stands for 25 or 50 16mm test tubes.Also suitable for aluminiumby the customer at the table.tubes. Please call for details.White, 7ml, 1x7cm (100pk) MSK-3107 37.99White, 15ml, 1.5x10cm (100pk) MSK-3111 42.99White, 30ml, 2x12.5cm (100pk) MSK-3115 45.99Black, 7ml, 1x7cm (100pk) MSK-3110 40.89Black, 15ml, 1.5x10cm (100pk) MSK-3114 43.79Silver, 7ml, 1x7cm (100pk) MSK-3108 40.89Silver, 15ml, 1.5x10cm (100pk) MSK-3112 43.79Silver, 30ml, 2x12.5cm (100pk) MSK-3116 53.29Copper, 7ml, 1x7cm (100pk) MSK-3109 40.89Copper, 15ml, 1.5x10cm (100pk) MSK-3113 43.79Copper, 30ml, 2x12.5cm (100pk) MSK-3117 53.29Zebra, 30ml, 2x12.5cm (100pk) MSK-6752 53.29Aluminium Tube SealerPerfect for sealing tubes of all sizes and diameters.Easy and fast folding even with liquids!Aluminium Tube Sealer (1 unit) MSK-3118 37.69Call us on: 01246 412211 191'