b'MSK UltraTex Thickened sauce using MSK UltraTexMSK UltraTexHot or cold dispersion UltraTex GoldFreeze-thaw stable All the benefits of Ultratex, plus:Colourless and tasteless A higher functioning thickener which therefore requires a lower Stops bleeding or leeching on the plate dosage rate.Wont skin-up on the plate A slightly delayed thickening action which lowers the risk of Gluten-free over-thickening.MSK UltraTex (800g) MSK-1763 13.99 UltraTex Gold (500g) MSK-4845 19.99MSK UltraTex - Value Pack (5kg) MSK-3817 84.99 UltraTex Gold - Value Pack (5kg) MSK-3281 99.99Call us for advice on: 01246 412211 63'