b'WhippingMSK UltraWhipA vegan foaming agent for use in the whipper gun and open beater. Foams can be served cold or warm (up to 60C) and can also be dehydrated to produce crisp flavourful meringues.Ideal for quick and easy canaps, amuse-bouches, pre-desserts and toppings.UltraWhip can be used to aerate high fat-based mixes such as hollandaise and even alcohol-based cocktail foams.See page 65 for more detail.MSK UltraWhip (200g) MSK-2491 29.99HyfoamerHyfoamer is a natural whipping agent used to improve or replace the use of egg whites. Hyfoamer will not over whisk or crack like an egg white will, it is also heat and acid stable which will allow for the production of flavoured meringues especially those with a strong citrus flavour and a low sugar content.Replace egg whites with Hyfoamer in marshmallows and macaron recipes in order to produce fruity, acidic and egg-free petit fours.Create amazing, fat free foams from fruit or vegetable juices or even alcohol basesEgg white free meringues and marshmallowIncrease and improve the texture of souffls, mousse-bases and macaronsHyfoamer foams:are light and compact, slightly more rigid than air foamswill hold beautifully in a swipe or swirlcan be served warm or coldcan be stabilised using sugar or MSK Xanthan GumHyfoamer (200g) MSK-1056 16.99Call us for advice on: 01246 412211 77'