b'CrackersTasty Bites Sweet BitesPrepared in next to no time, tasty bites offer a tingly snack, anSweet rice-based tapas that can be served as a basis for a sweet appetizer or a plate decoration; they are savoury, slightly spicyamuse-bouche, an original dessert decoration or even as sweet and highly original. chips served with coffee or tea.Tasty Bites - Octopus-Kimshi - 215pk MSK-5105 49.99Tasty Bites - Starfish-Curry - 30pk MSK-5106 32.99 Sweet Bites - Raspberry & Yoghurt - 405pk MSK-5110 64.99Tasty Bites - Cep-Mushroom-Salt - 175pk MSK-5108 32.99 Sweet Bites - Matcha & Ginger - 450pk MSK-5109 54.99Tasty Bites - Seaweed-Nori - 95pk MSK-5107 32.99 Sweet Bites - Coffee & Cinnamon - 530pk MSK-5111 54.99Call us on: 01246 412211 35'