b'Foams & AirsMSK UltraFoamMSK UltraFoam is a high-performance natural foaming agent, derived from tree bark, which you can use to create a very stable foam head on a liquid.For a long-lasting and attractive foam, use just 4-5 drops per 100mls of liquid and agitate with a whisk, a stick blender, or for best performance and efficiency, use the 100% Chef Foam Kit.LecithinLecitin is an emulsifier with a very light texture, ideal for creating airs of soups or sauces. Very light textureIdeal for creating airs of sauces or soupsServe warm or coldLecithin Powder (Soya) (300g) MSK-0492 14.99Lecithin Powder (Soya) - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3862 39.99Sugar EsterSugar Ester is a very strong emulsifier, which is particularly useful in creating airs and foams containing alcohol.Very light textured foamCapable of foaming alcoholsCan be served warm or coldSugar Ester (200g) MSK-1264 24.99EasyFoam Cocktail FoamsQuickly and easily transform your cocktails, drinks, dishes or desserts with these beautifully light and stable foams in a can, which wont go flat en-route.Available in Gin, Vodka or Sangria, they can also be heated up to 50 C in a bain marie.Cocktail Foam - Gin - 400ml MSK-5112 19.99Cocktail Foam - Vodka - 400ml MSK-5113 19.99Cocktail Foam - Sangria - 400ml MSK-5114 19.99EasyFoam Cocktail Foams - Alcohol FreeThese delicious fruit foams are made of 100% natural products.The delicate foam flavours your recipes and provides all your salted and sweet dishes with a truly original volume and texture.Cocktail Foam - Salty Margarita - 400ml MSK-5115 19.99Cocktail Foam - Mint & Lime - 400ml MSK-5116 19.99Cocktail Foam - Blackberry & Tarragon - 400ml MSK-5117 19.99Cocktail Foam - Cocoa & Yuzu - 400ml MSK-5118 19.99Cocktail Foam - Ginger & Lemongrass - 400ml MSK-5119 19.9978 TRAINING AVAILABLE: see page 4'