b'MiniaturesSeafood BoxesPresent seafood and fish dishes as if theyve just come off the boat in these replica fish market seafood boxes. The wooden boxes are coated with plastic for easy cleaning or choose the separate methacrylate box which fits perfectly inside. With this you can serve food with ice, nitrogen fog or even dry ice.The printed version shows Spanish on one side and English on the other.Seafood Printed Box (21x13x5cm) (8pk) MSK-6856 38.29Seafood Box (21x13x5cm) (8pk) MSK-6857 31.99Seafood Methacrylate Box (1 unit) MSK-6858 18.99Wood BoxThe box has a removable platform which allows you to serve full portions or 1/2 portions of tapas or a starter. Can also be used with our greaseproof newspaper as a lining.Wood Box (21x13x6cm) (5pk) MSK-6859 17.89Miniature Fruit & Veg BoxClassic fruit pickers boxes in miniature format for presenting food or drinks at the table.Fruit Box (mini) 15x9x7cm (5pk) MSK-6774 19.19Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 195'