b'Natural Flavour DropsNatural Oil-Soluble Flavour DropsUse oil-soluble Flavour Drops for salad dressings, roasting nuts, baking, flavouring buttercreams and olive oils. They can also be added directly into tempered chocolate.Almond, 30ml MSK-7000 19.99 Mint Chocolate Chip, 30ml MSK-1641 19.99Banana, 30ml MSK-7002 19.99 Old English Toffee, 30ml MSK-3838 17.99Basil, 30ml MSK-1411 17.99 Orange Blossom, 30ml MSK-7025 24.99Black Cherry, 30ml MSK-7005 19.99 Panettone, 30ml MSK-7026 19.99Blueberry, 30ml MSK-7007 17.99 Passion Fruit, 30ml MSK-1750 17.99Bubblegum, 30ml MSK-7836 17.99 Pine, 30ml MSK-1431 17.99Caramel, 30ml MSK-7834 17.99 Pineapple, 30ml MSK-1213 17.99Cheddar Cheese, 30ml MSK-1635 19.99 Pistachio, 30ml MSK-7030 19.99Chilli, 30ml MSK-0225 17.99 Raspberry, 30ml MSK-1442 17.99Coconut, 30ml MSK-3834 17.99 Strawberry, 30ml MSK-1215 17.99Coffee, 30ml MSK-0248 17.99 Tart Apple, 30ml MSK-7035 19.99Fennel, 30ml MSK-3734 17.99 Thyme, 30ml MSK-1433 15.99Fir Needle, 30ml MSK-1649 17.99 Tonka Bean, 30ml MSK-3324 19.99Hibiscus, 30ml MSK-7997 17.99 Yuzu, 30ml MSK-1470 19.99Horseradish, 30ml MSK-1651 19.99Limoncello, 30ml MSK-1208 14.99Oil or Water Soluble?Tastes of the SeasonsThe vast majority of dishes you create will have both oil and waterFour times a year we release a promotional box of seven 10ml in them, so you can choose either the oil or water option. Use oilsbottles of flavours appropriate for the season and its dishes.where there is zero water content, e.g. to flavour chocolate, andAt just 20.00 these taster boxes are fantastic value and give you use water-based flavours where there is no oil or fat content, e.g.an opportunity to perhaps try some flavours you might not have drinks, jellies, sorbets, etc. otherwise thought of!Taste of the Seasons - Autumn MSK-7975 20.00Taste of the Seasons - Winter MSK-7976 20.00Taste of the Seasons - Spring MSK-7977 20.00Taste of the Seasons - Summer MSK-7978 20.00 We pack all of our Flavour Drops in specially manufactured UV-resistant glass bottles with easy-drop push dispensers.These high-specification bottles are more effective at blocking harmful ambient light and even direct sunlight from reaching the bottles contents, which helps to ensure your flavour remains fresh and intense for longer, even after opening.The push-cap dispensers provide even greater precision when your recipes call for it.Call us on: 01246 412211 39'