b'Aluminium & Tin CansEmpty cans with a separate lid. A creative way to present your dishes.750ml Golden Tin Can These aluminium and tin-plate tasting cans offer you a unique wayMSK-4879to present dishes at your restaurant or next catered event, and are resistant to sauces with vinegar and acid. Supplied with lids, which are designed to rest on top of the can.Can sealers are available below for certain cans only. Can SealersThese can sealers create a short-term seal around selected cans, to allow the lids to be peeled off when served.This seal is for presentation purposes only and should not be used for food storage.Aluminium, Oval, 12x7.5x3cm 120ml (100pk) MSK-3099 49.79Aluminium, Round, 8x3.5cm 80ml (100pk) MSK-3100 48.69Aluminium, Rectangular, 11x5.5x2cm 60ml (100pk) MSK-3101 47.89 Can Sealer for MSK-3100 8cm round cans only MSK-3102 70.29Aluminium, Bowl/Round 11x3.5cm 150ml (100pk) MSK-6751 63.79 Can Sealer for MSK-6751 & MSK-4573 only MSK-1716 77.99Tin, Round, 14x3cm 280ml (50pk) MSK-4572 46.59Tin, Round, 11x2.2cm 120ml (100pk) MSK-4573 58.69Golden Tin, Rectangle, 17x11x6cm 750ml (42pk) MSK-4879 77.99Caviar TinImitation Caviar Tin, 14x3cm 30ml (12pk) MSK-3103 38.29Gold Caviar Tin, 7.5x2cm 30ml (12pk) MSK-3104 29.99190 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com'