b'Silicone MouldsPavoflex 400x300mm Sphere MouldsVarious sizes from 15mm to 60mm in diameter, to prepare sections of spheres that you can decorate and use to embellish your creations.Pavoflex 15mm Spheres PX4339S Pavoflex 20mm Spheres PX4314S Pavoflex 30mm Spheres PX4313SMSK-8092 27.90 MSK-8093 27.90 MSK-8094 27.90Pavoflex 40mm Spheres PX4315S Pavoflex 50mm Spheres PX4316S Pavoflex 60mm Spheres PX4350SMSK-8095 27.90 MSK-8096 27.90 MSK-8097 27.90154 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'