b'Chefs LarderMSK Flavour Enhancer Bread ImproverMSK Flavour Enhancer is a natural umami flavouring derived fromBread improver improves the extensibility of dough so that it protein and can be used to strengthen savoury flavour profiles. can be more easily shaped without shrinking. It helps to negate It is non-GM, contains no MSG and is low in salt allowing you tovariation in the quality and inconsistency of flour to improve lower salt levels in recipes whilst boosting flavour. Add as little asfinished products.1% per volume to soups, stocks or sauces for a boost of flavour. The product accelerates and shortens the proving process. Flavour Enhancer (500g) MSK-2557 22.99 Bread Improver (500g) MSK-0497 14.99Curing Salts MaltodextrinNatural preservatives for curing meats and giving thatBlend with gums and gelling agents to ensure they disperse characteristic pink colour for bacon and hams.Both Saltpetreeasily when put in a liquid.(Potassium Nitrate) and Nitrite Salt (Sodium Nitrite) are blendedAs the product is not sweet it can be used as a replacement for with normal salt (Sodium Chloride)and act as anti-oxidants tosugar in a savoury ice cream or sorbet.preserve the meat and prevent bacterial growth - particularly botulinum. Can be used either for dry curing or as a brine solution. Maltodextrin (1kg) MSK-1675 14.99Maltodextrin (5kg) MSK-1676 29.99Saltpetre (300g) MSK-0577 9.99Nitrite Salt (500g) MSK-8154 9.99Cured Meats with Savoury Ice CreamCall us on: 01246 412211 31'