b'CrackersThis innovative product line is the result of a collaboration with Albert Adria, the creative force behind elBullis famously pioneering dishes, and delivers quick and easily prepared delicacies.The resulting dishes will surprise your guests with an originality and creativity that looks as good as it tastesCocktail BitesStriking and original bites available in 5 flavours to accompany cocktails and drinks.Fry and season them during mise en place with the matching spice mix.The irregular shape of the Miso and the Codium are especially made to create an eye-catching embellishment.Cocktail Bites - Kafir & Thai - 190pk MSK-5103 34.99Cocktail Bites - Codium & Samphire - 60pk MSK-5100 34.99 Cocktail Bites - Duvel & Gomasio - 185pk MSK-5101 34.99Cocktail Bites - Bonito & Takoyaki - 105pk MSK-5102 34.99 Cocktail Bites - Miso & Zaatar - 60pk MSK-5104 34.9934 FREE UK DELIVERY on all products'