b'Ginger & LiquoriceWild Madagascan Pepper (250g) Tonka Beans (100g) Goji Berries (250g)MSK-6708 29.99 MSK-0047 16.99 MSK-7844 15.99This wild pepper from Voatsiperifery isTonka beans are grated to allow theirWith a growing reputation as a superfood earthy and woody with a certain citrusflavour to infuse but should be passed outfor their powerful antioxidant properties, flowerness; a complex flavour with aof a liquid before serving. The rich andthese Himalayan berries are very popular.sweetness and a pungent bite. warm flavour is a fantastic marriage with caramel and chocolate.LiquoriceLiquorice Powder (1kg) Liquorice Root (500g) Liquorice Concentrate (200g)MSK-1152 14.99 MSK-0594 12.99 MSK-0593 22.99Crystallised Ginger Pieces (500g) Speculoos Spice (250g)Chocolate andMSK-0613 15.99 MSK-1877 12.99Ginger Tart withA very full, warm and smooth flavour, notA blend of spices from the distinctive Crystallised Ginger as harsh or as fiery as some gingers. caramel speculoos biscuit.Call us on: 01246 412211 27'