b'Kitchen Tools & AccessoriesDigital Waterproof ThermometerDigital Timer Waterproof with temperature alarm. Temperature range: -40C to 232C Digital Timer (1 unit) MSK-1270 14.99 Digital Waterproof Ther- Scalesmometer (1 unit) MSK-3207 29.99Scales 3kgMSK-2787 109.99(0.1g increment) (1 unit)Scales 8kgMSK-1513 129.99(1.0g increment) (1 unit)Mini ScalesMSK-2548 24.99(0.1g increment) (1 unit)Pocket Precision ScaleMSK-4561 44.690.01 g (1 unit)High Precision ScaleMSK-4562 364.690.005g (1 unit)Sugar & Jam ThermometerA traditional brass design with sugar Digital PHDigital Salinity &temperature guides on the scale.ControllerPH ControllerSugar & Jam MSK-4563 MSK-4564 Thermometer (1 unit) MSK-1280 19.99Digital PH & Salinity ControllersDigital PH ControllerMSK-4563 134.79(1 unit)Digital Salinity & PHMSK-4564 308.69 Jaccard Meat TenderiserController (1 unit) Butchers NeedleJaccard Super 3 HandMSK-6979 49.99Butchers NeedleMSK-6981 8.99 Held (1 unit)24cm (1 unit) Spare Blade (1 unit) MSK-6980 9.99Stainless Steel Meat Hooks Rayon Twine Meat Ties and Loops4 inch Hooks (5pk) MSK-6971 12.99 Red & White (500g roll) MSK-6974 14.99 Scotloop 14cm RedMSK-6977 8.99(200pk)5 inch Hooks (5pk) MSK-6972 12.99 Green & White (500g rl) MSK-6975 14.99 Elasticated Meat tiesMSK-6978 8.996 inch Hooks (5pk) MSK-6973 12.99 Blue & White (500g roll) MSK-6976 14.99 Blue 5.5cm (200pk)Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 169'