b'Magnetic Praline MouldsMetallic (10pk) Stripes Green and Pink (10pk) Hearts (10pk) The full range of IBC chocolate MSK-6916 19.99 MSK-6928 19.99 MSK-1843 19.99 tools and accessories to order. Please call for more detailsMagnetic MouldsPolycarbonate pralline moulds with a magnetic base for use with chocolate transfer sheets.Magnetic Ovals 3x6 MSK-3676 59.99 Magnetic Square 4x6 MSK-3677 59.99 Magnetic Rectangle 3x6 MSK-3678 59.99Magnetic Droplet 3x6 MSK-1863 59.99 Magnetic Hearts 3x6 MSK-1864 59.99 Magnetic Stars 3x6 MSK-1870 59.99Magnetic Hexagons 4x6 MSK-1871 59.99Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 103'