b'Praline MouldsArtisinalA range of 16 BPA-free polycarbonate pralline moulds from Pavoni Italia.Each mould is 275x135mm with 21 mould indents except where indicated.Each praline made will be approximately 10g.The full range of 16 Artisanal moulds isPC106, 3x7 PC107, 3x7available on request. MSK-8118 16.90 MSK-8119 16.90PC108, 3x7MSK-8120 16.90PC114, 3x7MSK-8121 16.90Hemisphere MouldsEight different sizes of hemisphere praline moulds, in BPA-free polycarbonate from Pavoni Italia.Each mould is 275x175mm.PC5015, 20mm, 45 indents MSK-8122 16.90PC5016, 25mm, 28 indents MSK-8123 16.90PC5017, 30mm, 24 indents MSK-8124 16.90PC5018, 35mm, 24 indents MSK-8125 16.90PC5019, 40mm, 15 indents MSK-8126 16.90PC5020, 45mm, 15 indents MSK-8127 16.90PC5021, 50mm, 12 indents MSK-8128 16.90PC5022, 55mm, 8 indents MSK-8129 16.90PC5023, 60mm, 8 indents MSK-8130 16.90PC5024, 65mm, 8 indents MSK-8131 16.90Call us on: 01246 412211 105'