b'Soft / Elastic GelsBlend gums and gelling agents with maltodextrin to ensure they disperse easily when added to a liquidGellan Gum LT100This product can be blended with Gellan Gum F to develop a softer texture of gel.Create the perfect jelly cannelloni for example.The soft elastic texture produced by this product is perfect for creating soft opaque jellies, marshmallows and even mousses.Gellan Gum LT100 (200g) MSK-1089 22.49Gellan Gum LT100 - Value Pack (1kg) MSK-3852 99.99GelatineHas a soft elastic texture and is suitable for chilled jellies and mousses.Ideal for chilled use as a stabilising agent in cream whipper foams.Shiny translucent gels are ideal for glazing meatsaspic jelly.Gelatine melts at mouth temperature which provides a smooth creamy sensation and allows the full release of flavours and aromas.Instant Gelatine Powder (1kg) MSK-3451 24.99Bronze Leaf Gelatine (1kg) MSK-3526 32.99Silver Leaf Gelatine (1kg) MSK-3527 28.89Gold Leaf Gelatine (1kg) MSK-3528 39.99Pork Gelatine Powder (1kg) MSK-7778 19.99Fish Gelatine Powder MSK-7927 32.99Email us: sales@msk-ingredients.com 73'