b'GlasswareCone Stand sold separatelyMiniature Glass Oil Pourer, 5x13cm 70ml (2pk) MSK-4413 45.99 Ice Cream Cone, 4x10cm (4pk) MSK-4412 45.59Tapa-Cocktail Caballero Glass, 4.5x10cm (6pk) MSK-4426 45.99 Glass Skewers Small, 10cm (10pk) MSK-6830 33.89Iceberg Glass Skewers Large, 14cm (10pk) MSK-6831 37.09Frosted borosilicate iceberg plate, filled with a thermal liquid which allows it to be frozen without expansion or cracking.Cone Stand MSK-6837 sold separatelyGlass Cone, 6x5x13cm, 75ml (6pk) MSK-7251 58.79Iceberg (small, 12x4cm) (1 unit) MSK-1495 40.89 Mini Cake Stand, 12x6cm (1 unit) MSK-1494 31.99Iceberg (large, 14x7cm) (1 unit) MSK- 1496 48.59Dry SpoonIdeal for the presentation of crispy or dry food that has to be accompanied with liquid without being in direct contact.Dry Spoon, 11x2.5x2cm 10ml (6pk) MSK-4425 45.59Dry Spoon Snow/Frosted 11x2.5x2cm10ml (6pk) MSK-4539 53.69EggsFrosted borosilicate egg, resistant to oven baking and bain-marie.Perfect for serving boiled eggs without shells.Fits a variety of 100% Chef stands and supports.Eggs, 5x6cm 65ml (6pk) MSK-1497 52.29180 Buy securely online: msk-ingredients.com'