b'Gastro SupportsThe Gastro Supports each have 40 holes sized according to what they are presenting.The support fits either directly onto the base or is raised by corner mounts, as appropriate.Gastro-Support for Thin Skewers,3mm (1 unit) MSK-4607 31.99 Gastro-Support for Med Skewers,4mm (1 unit) MSK-4608 31.99Gastro-Support for Straight Pipettes (1 unit) MSK-4610 32.49 Gastro-Support for Conical Pipettes (1 unit) MSK-4611 32.49Gastro-Support for Cones (1 unit) MSK-4616 52.49 Gastro-Support for Kalippo (1 unit) MSK-4615 52.49Gastro-Support for Glasses or Eggs (1 unit) MSK-4614 33.19 Gastro-Support for Lipsticks (1 unit) MSK-4613 32.49Black, Customised Gasttro Tray with twoGastro-Support for16mm Test Tubes (1 unit) MSK-4612 32.49MSK-1736 Deli Supports for SpoonsCall us on: 01246 412211 201'